Helping you understand how UK family trusts are taxed

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Introduction to trustsWhat trusts are and how they work, dealing with a new trust, getting help with trust tax

Types of trust and tax implicationsUK family trusts - interest in possession, discretionary, trusts for vulnerable beneficiaries - and other types of trust

Trustee tax obligationsTrustee duties - filing annual tax returns, record keeping and notifying HMRC about new trusts, trust changes and events

Completing the Trust and Estate Tax ReturnCompleting and filing the trust tax return - filing online, avoiding common mistakes, tax return deadlines and penalties

Trusts and Income TaxHow different types of trust income are taxed, what management expenses and reliefs can be deducted, understanding the tax pool

Trusts and Capital Gains TaxCapital Gains Tax exemptions and reliefs for trustees, notifying HMRC about a trust disposal or gain

Trusts and Inheritance TaxInheritance Tax on transfers into and out of trusts, ten-year charges, completing form IHT100, understanding relevant property

Beneficiaries: paying and reclaiming tax on trustsBeneficiaries need to declare income or gains received on their personal tax return - they may also be able to claim a refund

Trusts for agents and advisersFind trust manuals and updates; links to trust forms; how to gain authorisation to act on a client's behalf