Inheritance Tax due on trust ten year anniversaries

Inheritance Tax is due on assets within certain trusts at each ten year anniversary. This guide explains when you need to pay this charge. It also tells you what information you need to do the calculation yourself and how HM Revenue & Customs can help.

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What is the ten year anniversary charge?

As a trustee, you'll have to pay a charge on every tenth anniversary of the date your trust was set up if your trust contains 'relevant property'.

Find out more about what relevant property is by reading the guide below.

Trusts that do and don't pay Inheritance Tax


Working out what Inheritance Tax is due

Inheritance Tax is charged at each ten year anniversary of the trust. It's charged on the net value of any relevant property in the trust on the day before that anniversary.Net value is the value after deducting any debts and reliefs such as Business or Agricultural Relief. If the trust was set up before 27 March 1974 the rules are different. Find out more by following the link below to the guide 'Trusts made before 27 March 1974'.

The calculation for the ten yearly charge is complicated. Before you can begin, you’ll need the following information:

  • the value of the relevant property in the trust on the day before the ten year anniversary
  • the value - at the date it entered the trust - of any trust property that has not been relevant property at any time while in this trust
  • the value of any property in any other trust (except wholly charitable trusts) that the settlor set up on the same date as this trust - use the value from the date it was set up
  • the value of any transfers subject to Inheritance Tax (whether into trusts or not) that the settlor made in the seven years before this trust was set up - use the value at the date of transfer
  • the value of any transfers - at the date they were transferred - of relevant property out of the trust within the last ten years
  • whether any of the relevant property was relevant property in the trust for less than the last ten years

You can read more about how Inheritance Tax applies to relevant property trusts in the guide below.

Trusts that do and don't pay Inheritance Tax

Trusts made before 27 March 1974


Doing the anniversary charge calculation yourself

You need to fill in form IHT100 Inheritance Tax Account to tell HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) when Inheritance Tax is due on a trust. Some trusts don't have to send in an IHT100 form as long as they meet the rules for excepted transfers and settlements - usually trusts with a low value. The rules are complicated. Find out more in the fourth link below.

If you want to do the calculations yourself you need to enter your figures into Sections G and H on the form. You also need to complete an event form 100d.

You can download a worksheet and guidance notes to help you work out how much Inheritance Tax you'll need to pay on:

  • transfers into trust
  • transfers out of trust
  • trust ten year anniversaries

To calculate the anniversary charge, you’ll need to use Section B of form IHT100WS Inheritance Tax worksheet. You can get further help filling in this section of the worksheet with part B of the guide IHT113 'How to fill in form IHT100WS'.  If some of the assets in the trust haven't been relevant property for all of the ten years, the tax may be reduced by the number of quarters that the asset wasn't relevant property.  You can use the calculator to help you work this out - link below.

Find form IHT100WS Inheritance Tax worksheet

Find form IHT113 How to fill in form IHT100WS

Inheritance Tax quarters calculator

Technical guidance - Excepted settlements


Getting HMRC to do the calculation for you

If you want HMRC to work out the anniversary charge for you, fill in form IHT100 Inheritance Tax Account leaving sections G and H blank. You need to return the form to HMRC in good time for the calculation to be worked out. Otherwise you may be charged a penalty.

You also need to complete an event form 100d.

Completing form IHT100 Inheritance Tax Account

Paying Inheritance Tax

Probate and Inheritance Tax enquiries

Get form IHT100 Inheritance Tax Account, guidance and supplementary pages


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