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  • Corporation Tax reference checker

Corporation Tax reference checker

When you pay Corporation Tax you'll need to give your Corporation Tax payment reference number. You'll find this on:

  • your Corporation Tax online service 'At a glance' page
  • your HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) payslip
  • correspondence about your Corporation Tax from HMRC

You'll have a specific reference for the accounting period you are making payment for. So it's important that you quote it exactly. The reference number is made up of 17 characters, for example: 1234567890A00199A.

This checker only tells you that the reference is in the right format to allow your payment to go direct to your account.

To check that your reference number is in the right format, please enter it in the box below then click on the 'Check reference' button.


Press 'Clear' to clear the number and start again.

When you make your payment please enter the reference in exactly the same format as shown, with no spaces. If you do not, your payment will take longer to go to your account.

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