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  • Bereavement guide - introduction

Bereavement guide - introduction

When someone dies you'll probably have contact with HMRC to sort out tax and benefit affairs.You can use this short, easy to use online questionnaire which will help you understand what you have to do.

Who the guide is for

The guide is useful for anyone who needs to have a basic understanding of the steps to take when dealing with HMRC after a death. It gives a tailored guide with links to forms and more guidance. The questionnaire deals with Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, probate, Child Benefit and tax credits. It also gives guidance for any surviving spouse or civil partner.

What topics aren't included

The questionnaire doesn't deal with:

  • complex or very high value estates
  • estates with overseas property or assets
  • issues if the deceased was an employer
  • business-related issues such as VAT

You may need specialist advice for these areas which this questionnaire doesn't provide.

How to use the questionnaire

The questionnaire has nine questions. You can choose to answer all or just some of the questions. Once you've answered the questions and used the 'get answers' button you'll see your tailored guide with links to more detailed advice.

If you don't know the answer to a question, you should choose the 'yes' button this will give you some helpful advice in the answer.

It should take less than five minutes to complete.

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