Tax Information and Impact Notes These communicate all tax policy changes and include an explanation of what we are doing, why, and what impact it has for both customers and HMRC and are published on the GOV.UK website

Notices, Information Sheets and other reference materials Public Notices, Notes, Information Sheets, Fact Sheets and related documents across all tax areas

Revenue & Customs Briefs Revenue & Customs Briefs issued by HM Revenue & Customs in date order or by subject matter

Leaflets & booklets All current leaflets & booklets published by HM Revenue & Customs are available on the GOV.UK website

Budget & Pre-Budget Reports Budget and pre-Budget publications and news releases issued by HM Revenue & Customs

Extra-Statutory Concessions and Statements of Practice How HM Revenue & Customs interprets the law and applies it in practice especially where a strict interpretation would have unintended consequences

Banking Code of Practice HMRC publishes its Governance Protocol on the Code of Practice on Taxation for Banks, along with updated figures on adoption of the Code on  the GOV.UK website