Tax treaties

Tax treaties in force An A-Z list of UK Tax treaties that are currently in force

Tax treaties signed/not in force The Tax treaties signed but not yet in force are now published on GOV.UK

Double Taxation Treaties Are published on the GOV.UK website

Tax Information Exchange Agreements Bilateral agreements under which territories agree to co-operate in tax matters through exchange of information are published on the GOV.UK website

Statutory Instruments Tax treaties take the form of Statutory Instruments - find an A-Z list of Statutory Instrument numbers on the GOV.UK website

Digest of Double Taxation Treaties A guide to possible entitlement of Double Taxation Relief for certain types of UK income received by the residents of territories listed now published on GOV.UK

Tax Co-operation Agreements A list of Tax Co-operation Agreements which have been entered into by the UK and other countries on the GOV.UK website

Automatic Exchange of Information Agreements A list of inter-governmental agreements signed by the UK with supporting guidance and background notes is published on the GOV.UK website