How overpayments of tax credits can happen Overpayments – what they are, how they happen and what happens next

Repaying overpaid tax credits How you'll be asked to repay - either by reducing your tax credit payments, or making a direct payment

Difficulty repaying overpaid tax credits? What if you can't pay back an overpayment - when can repayments be reduced or written off?

How to dispute a tax credits overpayment What to do if you think the Tax Credit Office made a mistake

You have separated and have a joint tax credits overpayment Who's responsible for a joint overpayment and what you need to do if you or your ex-partner can't or won't repay the money

How to avoid being paid too much or not enough tax credits Make sure overpayments and underpayments don't happen - check your tax credits award notice and report any changes