Tax credits payments

When can you expect your first tax credits payment? What happens after you send in your claim form and how long until you hear from the Tax Credit Office and get your first payment

Check your next tax credits payment datesGet your next payment dates online

Reasons why your tax credits might go down or stop Not renewing your claim, changes at home and work, overpaid tax credits - what to do to get your payments back on track

How Child Benefit, tax credits and Guardian's Allowance are paid Which accounts you can have your tax credits paid into and some that aren't suitable

Bank holidays and tax credits paymentsIf your tax credits payment falls on a bank holiday, you'll get your payment earlier than usual - find out what date

You haven't received your usual tax credits paymentWhy a tax credits payment might have gone astray and how to find out what's happened

Getting proof of tax credits payments if you claim other benefits How to find proof that you get tax credits if you want to claim other benefits, including duplicate award notice