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Tax credits forms and help sheets

Forms and helpsheets available for download

All the forms are in Portable Document Format (PDF). To be able to view and print out the forms, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To save a file to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose the save option.

For some examples of forms that are not available online, see 'Forms not available for download'.

Form or helpsheet Description

TC600 Notes (PDF 606K)

How to complete your tax credits claim form

TC846 (PDF 239K)

Form to dispute a tax credits overpayment

TC956 (PDF 263K)

Disability Help Sheet - Do you qualify for the disability element of the Working Tax Credit?

TC825 (PDF 334K)

Working sheet for tax credit relief for Gift Aid payments, pension contributions and trading losses

TC603RD Notes (PDF 491K)

Tax Credits Renewal Pack guidance notes - Annual Review and Declaration forms

TC 602 (SN) (PDF 770K)

Check your tax credits award notice

TC689 (PDF 81K)

Authority for an intermediary to act on your behalf
April 2014

TC603R Notes (PDF 56K)

Tax Credits Renewal Pack guidance notes - Annual Review form only

Forms not available for download

Not all forms are available online. The following forms and notices, for example, are sent to you automatically by the Tax Credit Office when you need them:

  • TC602 - tax credits award notice
  • TC603R - tax credits Annual Review notice (some people just call this 'TC603')
  • TC603D or TC603D2 - tax credits Annual Declaration form
  • TC664 - general enquiry form, sent when the Tax Credit Office needs more information from you
  • TC655 - enquiry form about your children, sent in certain circumstances

If you've had one of these forms, but have lost it, you can only get a replacement from the Tax Credit Office.

You can contact the Tax Credit Office by calling the Tax Credit Helpline, or you can write with your query.

Contact details for the Tax Credit Helpline and Office