Tax Evasion Hotline - Information report form guide

The form has been designed to ask relevant questions about the information you wish to give, so that HM Revenue & Customs can decide the best and safest course of action to take.

The questions are split into 5 sections (listed below). Before completing the form you may wish to follow the links to see a few of the questions you will be asked. This may help you complete the form within the time limit.

Please be aware that there is a fifteen minute time limit in which you must complete and submit the form. If you go over this limit, the information will not be sent and you will need to start again. Partially completed forms cannot be saved nor can attachments be sent.

Read the questions carefully and where appropriate help icons have been added to assist you with your answers. Once you access the form you cannot return to this page.

Enter as much information as you can on the form. Details such as times or dates, regularity of occurrence, amounts involved and anything else you think may be helpful are all useful.

Please note - when you enter the information on the form you may not be able to complete all the fields. If you only know part details, enter these as they can still be useful.

For your own safety:

  • do not actively seek further information about the crime you are reporting on or any other criminal activity
  • ensure that no one else knows you are passing information to us
  • do not encourage others to commit a crime or become involved in an offence so that you can give us more information

Be assured that we look into all the information we receive. Sometimes your information can form part of a much larger picture and needs to be considered in those circumstances. In these circumstances it will not always be evident that action has been or is being taken.

We also work in close partnership with other government departments, agencies and organisations such as the Police. If the information you have given is relevant to any of these, we may pass it on but we will not pass on your details.

Tax Evasion Hotline Report form