Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Will my call always be answered?

We aim to answer your call as quickly as possible. However, due to the number of calls we receive, you may sometimes be placed in a queue. Please be patient, your call will be answered as soon as an operator becomes available.

As an alternative to speaking to one or our operators, your information can also be sent via our secure website or post .

What sort of questions will be asked of me?

This will depend largely on the information you are giving. As a guide, our officers will ask for the following details:

  • name of individual or business
  • address of individual or business
  • details of allegation

Don’t worry if you cannot give all these details, the officer will concentrate on what you do know. We do not want you to seek out any additional information on our behalf.

Will my information be passed onto anyone else?

We work in close partnership with other agencies and organisations such as the Police. If the information you have given is relevant to any of our partners, we may pass it on, but we will NOT pass on your name.

Will I get a reward for giving information?

You may receive a cash reward for your information. However, this will depend on what is achieved as a direct result of the information you provide and is awarded at the discretion of HM Revenue & Customs.

Why has nothing been done with the information I gave some time ago?

All information provided is examined and passed to an appropriate team for action. However it may not be evident to you that action has been or is being taken. Sometimes the information will form part of a larger picture and needs to be considered in that context. We cannot divulge to you the nature of any enquiries we may make nor the results of any such enquiries. We do appreciate the contact and the information provided and take all reports made to us very seriously.

What if the information I have to give is not about Direct Taxes?

If you have information regarding alcohol or tobacco smuggling, VAT evasion, benefit fraud, National Minimum Wage or tax credits, or any other suspicious activity please visit our reporting other fraud area.