Help from HM Revenue & Customs Advice Teams

If you're thinking of working for yourself or have just started, why not arrange to attend a free workshop with HM Revenue & Customs Advice Teams? They can give you practical advice on the tax matters that will affect you: record-keeping, filling in and filing your tax return - and what to do if you take someone on. These services are all free of charge.

Testimonials from users of HM Revenue & Customs Advice Teams

"I was able to ask and get answers to a lot of things I needed to know. I feel a lot more confident about things now. Also, I feel that when the time comes to fill my self assessment form for tax I will be able to cope without too many problems."

"Excellent. Thanks for some very good training and advice - a very professional service."

"I feel that HM Revenue & Customs Advice Team is an excellent service. I can honestly say that of all the companies and services I have had to deal with, the Advice team has been the most helpful."

"I found the service very informative and extremely well presented. Made me feel more confident about how to go about things the right way."

"I think this is an excellent service. My trainer was very helpful and encouraging which is vital for someone like me who is just starting out on their own."