Government Gateway

The specifications below may change frequently. Please visit this page regularly and check for details of changes

Generic documents

Government Gateway submission protocol version 3.1 (PDF 1.4MB)
Version date 6 March 2008

All applications submitting Extensible Markup Language must comply with this protocol to communicate with Government Gateway.

Consultation workshops

Archived Government Gateway release information is available on the National Archive website (Opens new window)
Version date 19 October 2007

Government Gateway release 2.3/2.4 (September 2008) Version 1.01
Version date 19 October 2007

Accessing public API portal

ISV developer help - SOAP & TXE interfaces version 2.2 (zip 8MB)
Version date 6 March 2008

Government Gateway public methods version 1.0
Version date 6 June 2008

Hints and tips version 1.1
Version date 17 October 2008

Test data version 6.0 (xls 74K)
Version date 19 June 2008