Tax and National Insurance if you're a pensioner or about to retire
Understanding your Coding Notice
Received a Coding Notice for 2014 to 15? Find out what it means, including how to check your code if you have more than one job or pension
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Do you need to top up your National Insurance contributions?
If there are gaps in your National Insurance record find out if it's worth making up the shortfall

Tax and National Insurance after State Pension age
Tax and tax allowances in retirement or if carrying on working, stopping National Insurance contributions, tax if retiring abroad

Tax codes and tax forms explained for pensioners
Understanding your tax code or PAYE Coding Notice, what to do if you think there's a mistake

How your pension income is taxed
Tax on the State Pension, workplace pensions, personal pensions or retirement annuities and foreign pensions

Claiming back tax or National Insurance at State Pension age
Guidance for pensioners on how to claim back overpaid tax or National Insurance contributions

How to deal with HM Revenue & Customs for someone else
Contacting HM Revenue & Customs on behalf of someone else who finds it difficult to manage their own affairs

Passing on your money and property
Different ways you can pass on your money and property efficiently