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How to pay Stamp Duty

This guide gives you the Stamp Duty payment deadlines and tells you about your payment options.

The bank account information in this guidance is only for payment of Stamp Duty, and should not be used to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax.

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Stamp Duty payment deadlines

There is a 30 day time limit after execution (when the documents are dated and signed by all parties) for getting the document stamped and paying the required Stamp Duty. If you do not present your document to the Stamp Office with the correct duty payment within this deadline a penalty and interest may be charged.

Learn more about Stamp Duty penalties and deadlines


Use the right payment reference

You will need to provide your reference number which will be the company number you have generated/chosen yourself.

When you make a payment to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) it's important that you use the right reference. This makes sure your payment reaches your account and that you won't get reminders after you've paid.


Bank details for Bacs Direct Credit, Faster Payments by online/telephone banking or CHAPS

You can use your bank or building society services to pay by:

  • Bacs Direct Credit
  • Faster Payments by online or telephone banking

Setting up and making payments

To pay your Stamp Duty using any of the above payment methods you'll need to set up the payment details with your bank. You'll need to supply them with:

  • HMRC's bank account details
  • your Stamp Duty reference number

Find out HMRC's bank account details

Faster Payments

This is a service that has been introduced by the banking industry for sending payments initiated by internet or telephone banking on the same day, providing the value of the payment does not exceed the value limit set by the sending bank.

More about the Faster Payments Service

Information about Faster Payment limits (Opens new window)


By post

When paying by post please:

  • make your cheque payable to 'HM Revenue & Customs only' and write your reference number after 'HM Revenue & Customs only'
  • do not fold the cheque and do not fasten it with paper clips, staples or anything else

Where to send your documents and payment

If paying by post, please send to:

Birmingham Stamp Office
9th Floor
City Centre House
30 Union Street
B2 4AR

If using the DX service please send to:

Birmingham Stamp Office - Stamp Duty
Birmingham 1

Please allow at least three working days for your payment to reach HMRC.


Payment receipt requests

Your stamped document is your receipt.

If you have made your payment electronically using one of the methods covered in this guide you can confirm from your own bank or building society statement that payment has cleared your account.

If you send your payment by post you will need to send a letter with your payment If you want a receipt.


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