Completing 2012-13 year end and switching to Basic PAYE Tools in real time

Note: only use the following instructions if you need to complete or file your 2012-13 annual return (forms P35 and P14)

This guide is for employers who used Basic PAYE Tools during 2012-13 and who now need to complete their Employer Annual Return (forms P35 and P14s) for 2012-13.

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Three steps - please follow them in order

Step 1 - check your version of Basic PAYE Tools

Before you can complete your Employer Annual Return for 2012-13 you must have version of the 2012-13 tools.

To check which version you are using, open the tools and select 'Options' from the top of the screen. On the 'Options' screen select the 'Application Setting' tab and note the version number displayed against 'Basic PAYE Tools Core' - if this says 20469 then you have the latest version and can skip to Step 3.

If you don’t have version 4.2.1 20469 or an earlier version you will need to use one of the download links at the end of this guide.

Step 2 - download the latest update

If you have an earlier version, you can download the latest update by selecting the 'Update' button against 'Basic PAYE Tools Core' while your computer is connected to the internet.

Step 3 - complete your Employer Annual Return for 2012-13

Once you've entered the final wages or salary paid to your employees in the tax year that ended on 5 April 2013, you are ready to complete the end-of-year process and send your return to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). You can file your Employer Annual Return online direct from the Basic PAYE Tools if you used the P11 Calculator to keep your employees' payroll records throughout the tax year.

If you need more help because this is the first time you've ever completed an Employer Annual Return, please read HMRC's guide 'Filing your Employer Annual Return (P35 and P14s) for 2013-14'.

Filing your Employer Annual Return (P35 and P14s) for 2013-14

Your Employer Annual Return was due by 19 May 2013, so HMRC recommends that you send it as soon as you can. This is the last Employer Annual Return most employers will need to complete, as they are not required once you start reporting PAYE in real time.


Important - only download these if you have been told to do so by HMRC's Online Services Helpdesk