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1 October 2014

Revised Notice October 2014

This cancels and replaces Notice 453 (October 2013). This notice has been rewritten to include the changes to the raised gross gaming yield bands introduced in the March 2014 Budget.

Revenue and Customs Brief 33/14

This brief explains changes to Fully Reportable countries list.

Draft legislation: The Income Tax (PAY AS You Earn) (Amendment No X) Regulations 2015

This draft legislation amends the Income Tax (PAY AS You Earn) Regulations 2003.

Revised approach to Stamp Duty penalties

A new approach to Stamp Duty penalties has been introduced from 1 October 2014.

1 October changes: Stamp Duty Land Tax1 paper process

If you file a return on paper (form SDLT1) you must enter a valid Local Authority code or your return will be rejected.

Tariff Stop Press Notice 54/14

Latest amendments to volume 2 of the printed version of the UK Trade Tariff.


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