Applying for fixed protection 2014

You can apply for fixed protection 2014 online or by completing, printing and posting form APSS228.

Apply online

Applying online ensures that your application is complete and therefore will be processed quicker. You'll also get confirmation that HM Revenue & Customs have received your application.

If you're submitting multiple online applications from the same email address you should allow 15 to 20 minutes between each application in order to receive your auto-acknowledgement for each application. If multiple applications are submitted too quickly it's likely that you'll only get one acknowledgement.

Do it online - Apply for fixed protection 2014

Apply using form APSS228

If you're unable to apply online you can download form APSS228 that you can fill in on-screen, print and post to HM Revenue & Customs. The problems with inputting the address on this form have now been resolved.

There is a version of the form that you can print off and complete by hand but you should only do this if you're unable to apply using one of the above methods. Handwritten application forms can lead to longer processing times and delays due to incomplete completion.

If you have any concerns about form APSS228 phone Pension Scheme Services on 03001 231079.

Use form APSS228