SAM113010 - Repayments: repayment work lists: w030 inhibited automatic repayments work list

Following the capture of a return on which a repayment has been requested or on receipt of a request for repayment from a Structured Action Request (SAR) through SA Online, an automatic repayment will be inhibited and a work item created on the ‘Inhibited Automatic Repayments’ work list if any of the following circumstances apply.

Note: From 30 October 2006, when viewing a repayment from this list, the ‘Selected Case’ screen will identify whether or not the inhibited repayment has originated from a SAR.


Work list entry

Budget Payment Plan signal is set

B Budget Payment Plan Sig Set

Taxpayer is insolvent

I Insolvency Sig Set

PCA Signal is set

P Priority Collection Sig Set

Taxpayer deceased and no capacity details held on the SA record

D Deceased Sig Set

Taxpayer’s address is RLS

R RLS Sig Set

Welsh language signal is set

W Welsh Language

No repayment signal is set

(see Note 4 below)

N No Repayment Sig Set

Remission recorded

X Remissions

Informal standover recorded

S Informal Standovers

Payable order is over £150,000

L Repayment Limit Exceeded

BACS repayment is over £90,000,000

L Repayment Limit Exceeded

FBI return submitted and taxpayer address on return differs from that shown on SA record

E FBI return, new taxpayer address

A return charge has not been entered on the taxpayer’s record

Y Incomplete Return Capture

The repayment request is included within a return e-filed by a 'filing only agent'

F Return filed by unauthorised agent

A combination of inhibiting factors are present

C Combination

The automatic repayment function is unable to create the repayment because the number of credits making up the repayment amount exceed 150

M Maximum credits exceeded

Work items will be notified to the office responsible for the processing activities by Work Management for action by the officer with the user role of Payment Processor.

In view of the nature of this work list it is for immediate action and should be reviewed daily. 

A work item is not deleted automatically from this work list. The work item should therefore be deleted manually using function WORK LIST CASES on completion of the necessary action.