RPSM09100300 - Technical Pages: Member benefits: Overview: Payment of authorised benefits: Contents

Payment of authorised benefits: Contents

RPSM09100310Types of authorised pension benefits payable to a member
RPSM09100320What pension benefits may be provided to a member by a money purchase arrangement and by a defined benefits arrangement
RPSM09100330Types of authorised lump sum benefits that may be paid to a member
RPSM09100340A pension commencement lump sum
RPSM09100350Level of pension commencement lump sum payable to the member
RPSM09100360Other lump sum payments payable to the member
RPSM09100370The commencement of retirement benefits
RPSM09100380What happens at age 75
RPSM09100390Member choice (or member designation)
RPSM09100400Drawing benefits from part of an arrangement (phased retirement)
RPSM09100410Designation under a money purchase arrangement
RPSM09100420Drawing benefits from part of a defined benefits arrangement
RPSM09100430Payment of a lump sum benefit to the member through phased retirement