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The Registered Pension Schemes Manual (RPSM) is the guide to registered pension schemes.

It is in a number of distinct sections, each targeted at a different audience and written with the reader in mind, but all linked to form a comprehensive guide to the pension schemes tax regime introduced in April 2006. The Technical Pages are a guide to legislation and regulations underpinning the tax regime for registered pension schemes, the other pages are mostly concerned with the practical application of the new regime. Not all the chapters appear in each section as some will not be relevant to the reader; for example there are no chapters covering benefits in the Employer Pages. Information on all areas of the tax rules for pension schemes can always be found in the Technical Pages.

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Overview of the International Pensions Regime



The Registered Pension Schemes Manual states that it is mandatory for certain forms declarations and information to be submitted online. This requirement has effect from 16 October 2007.