INS11250 - Prepare and issue statutory demand

Table of Contents

INS11253Process checks: Prepare and issue statutory demand
INS11255Statutory Demand Word template
INS11257What the statutory demand contains
INS11259Checking the statutory demand
INS11261Issuing the statutory demand
INS11263Authority to use a Process Server
INS11265Service of the statutory demand
INS11266Service outside of UK
INS11267Personal service of statutory demand
INS11269Service: Debtor has moved to a known new address
INS11271Service: Debtor cannot be contacted
INS11273Service: Appointment letters
INS11275Service: Solicitor or accountant acting
INS11277Personal service witness statements process checks
INS11279Substituted service of statutory demand
INS11281Witness statement of substituted service
INS11283Content of the statement of substituted service
INS11285Checking statements of personal and substituted service
INS11287Substituted service witness statements process checks
INS11289Errors in statutory demands