IHTM03326 - Calling for files (Cap 8 procedures): releasing called for files

If you receive a form Cap 8 (IHTM03323) for a file you hold you should release the file as soon as possible. If the person holding the file is away when the form Cap 8 is received, it should not be left on their desk. It should be passed to a colleague to take any necessary action.

If it is marked priority 1 (IHTM03322) you should release the file immediately attaching the bottom copy of the Cap 8 to the outgoing file. If this is not possible you must telephone the person who has requested the file and explain the position.

If the file has been requested as standard priority (IHTM03322) you should take any outstanding action necessary, and then release the file. If you are not able to release the file within 3 days of the original request you should always

  • detach the top part of the form
  • return it to the person requesting the file, stating the reason why it cannot be released
  • attach the lower part of form to the outside cover of the requested file
  • release the file as soon as you can.