IHTM03323 - Calling for files (Cap 8 procedures): completing form Cap 8

The Cap 8 is a two-part, self-copying form. Before you complete the other details you should show the the priority of your request by deleting one of the options on the heading.

Section A should be completed as follows

  • Reference - insert the reference number (IHTM03293) of the file, if known.
  • Location of file/date of last file movement - insert the correct location of the file and the date it was last moved, as shown on ALF
  • Full name - insert the full name of the deceased, transferor, settlor, company or board paper ,as shown on ALF
  • Date of event - insert date of death, transfer or settlement as appropriate (except in case of SAV file or Board papers (IHTM09313))

Section B should be completed by inserting your personal details, allocation code (IHTM03294), team details, location and date of request. You should use the ‘for use with’ space to insert the name and reference number of any file you want to use the requested file with or any other reason for requesting the file.