IHTM03322 - Calling for files (Cap 8 procedures): priority system

There are two priorities for requesting files

  • Priority 1
  • Standard priority

Priority 1

This should only be used for obtaining files that are needed immediately, for example, in connection with telephone calls, as it costs a lot more than a standard priority request.

Priority 1 requests for files from an off-site store must be taken by hand to the Post Room before 2.00pm to guarantee that the file will be received from store within 2 hours of the request.

Priority 1 requests for files within the building should be dealt with immediately by the person receiving the request. You should expect to receive the file within 3 working days of your initial request. In some cases where the file is with someone else within the building you may find it easier to approach the person directly for the file - but you must ensure the file movement is recorded (IHTM03296) on ALF.

Standard priority

This should be used for all other requests for files. Files ordered on standard priority from off-site store should be received within 24 hours of the initial request. Files ordered on standard priority which are held within the office should be received within 5 working days of the initial request.