IHTM03294 - ALF file location system: allocation codes

All staff that deal with Inheritance Tax files are given their own allocation code, based on the team they are in and their post in that team. For example, the allocation code for a caseworker in Compliance may be CPG2C. The CPG2 indicates that the caseworker is in Compliance team G2, the C is simply a letter to identify the particular caseworker from others in the team.

Allocation codes help us identify the caseworker that is responsible for dealing with the file. They also allow ALF to keep a track of where files are or where they have been in the past.

There is an automated link between ALF and COMPASS so the file will be allocated on COMPASS to the caseworker whose allocation code is shown on ALF. The link is run every Sunday and if the process has not worked properly, managers should inform the IT Helpdesk, by email. You will need to give details of the full correct allocation code (for example, FER02 CPG2K) and relevant case references, where applicable.

There are also team allocation codes and codes for specific registries or stores.