IHTM03273 - File creation: showing titles on forms Entg15

You should not include titles such as Mr, Mrs, Major, Reverend and Hon on forms Entg15. Show ‘Sir’ or ‘Lady’ in front of the forename. The person creating the file will enter these details in the miscellaneous box when space allows.

In the case of other titles you should show the titles in the alternative surnames box. For example, show John Addington, 6th Earl of Lancaster as

  • Surname - ADDINGTON
  • Forename(s) - JOHN
  • Alternative surname - LANCASTER
  • Alternative forename(s) - EARL 6TH JOHN

In the case of a peer whose surname corresponds with his title the entry should appear as

  • Surname - GRIMTHORPE
  • Forename(s) - CHARLES EDWARD
  • Alternative surname - GRIMTHORPE
  • Alternative forename(s) - BARON CHARLES EDWARD

Ecclesiastical titles

As with other titles you should use the alternative spaces provided. For example you should show John Anthony Divine, Bishop of Granchester as

  • Surname - DIVINE
  • Forename(s) - JOHN ANTHONY
  • Alternative surname - GRANCHESTER
  • Alternative forenames(s) - BISHOP