IHTM03272 - File creation: showing complicated names on forms Entg 15

You must follow these instructions when inserting names and titles on forms Entg 15. They will also help you find the correct file when searching on ALF (IHTM03311).

Hyphenated or compound surnames

These should be entered in the order they were used by the deceased, for example


Alternative surnames

Show John William Richardson, also known as John William Groves as

  • Surname - RICHARDSON
  • Forename(s) - JOHN WILLIAM
  • Alternative surname - GROVES
  • Alternative forename(s) - JOHN WILLIAM

Foreign names

Prefixes such as de, van, le, and la form part of the surname. For example, the surname of Vincent de Jong should be shown as DE JONG.

Spanish surnames sometimes have a surname with ‘Y’ in the middle. The surname of Manuel Tallega Y Prado should be shown as TALLEGA Y PRADO

Surname unclear

If it is unclear which of several names is the surname you should make a note of this on the file creation form or in a separate memo. If necessary the case will be indexed under each of the possible surnames.