IHTM03231 - IHT references: XA case type references

There are occasions when we may need to create a record on ALF but do not need to create a actual file or working record at this stage. Often this is where we have details that indicate that a future chargeable event is likely and we would like to link the existing papers to any that may arrive in the office on that event. These records are created using the case type XA. If correspondence or an account is received in the future a search of the index will show any existing XA references that have the same details

The XA case type is used for records for specific purposes only (IHTM03232). Each type of record has a suitable retention period set on ALF. At the end of this period the record will automatically deleted.

Any cases associated with the person with the person for whom the XA record is created should be noted as cross references on the XA record.

If a new account is received for a person and a search of the ALF index shows that an XA record exists in their name, then the XA record should be cancelled to the reference for the new account. Any cross referenced cases recorded on the XA record should also be obtained and linked to the new file.