IHTM03212 - Form 403a: what is recorded on Form 403a?

You should complete the following information on the Form 403

  • Date of charge/valuation - you should enter the date of the ten year anniversary charge being dealt with on the sub-file
  • Rate of charge - you may tick the relevant box to show whether the normal ten year anniversary charge applies or whether the charge has to be modified to take account of additions, cumulation or reliefs.
  • Reliefs, exemptions, excluded property - you may enter brief details of these here
  • Additional points - this space is used to show how the rate of tax that is to be applied to the chargeable event is calculated, together with any information used to help you calculate the rate
  • Open (O) - this should be signed and dated when the sub-file is opened
  • Sat - this should be initialled and signed when the you are satisfied with the value of the assets being dealt with in the sub-file
  • Closed (C) - this should be signed and dated when the sub-file is closed
  • Items for which a corrective assessment required - this is usually used as a reminder box for replies