CTM40000 - Particular bodies: contents

CTM40050 Charities
CTM40100 Clubs
CTM40150 Credit unions
CTM40200 Farming
CTM40300 Friendly societies
CTM40350 Health service bodies
CTM40400 Housing associations (Registered Social Landlords)
CTM40500 ‘Registered societies’ (formerly industrial and provident societies)
CTM40600 Insurance companies
CTM40650 Investment clubs
CTM40700 Investment trusts
CTM40750 Lloyds underwriting agents
CTM40800 Loan & money societies
CTM40850 Local authorities
CTM40900 Marketing boards
CTM40950 Mutual concerns
CTM41000 Oil and gas companies
CTM41020 Public bodies
CTM41050 Retirement benefits schemes
CTM41100 Scientific research associations
CTM41110 Sports testimonial or benefit committees
CTM41150 Local enterprise organisations and urban regeneration companies
CTM41200 Trade associations
CTM41250 Trade unions
CTM41300 Unincorporated associations
CTM41350 Pharmaceutical cases