COG600150 - Resolution: employer compliance - small and medium enterprises (SME): process flow (end to end)

This process flow details the stages in the process from receipt of a compliance check request through to conclusion. It provides you with links to other process flows and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) where appropriate.

A flowchart (Word 336kb) version of this process is also available

Step Role Activity Systems/Tools
1 Workflow Manager Receive Sponsored Information Package (SIP)    
2 Caseworker/Compliance Support Consider Cross Tax Working Prepare Compliance Checks See COG200200 - Preparation  
3 Caseworker Determine type of compliance check see COG300150 - Fact FindingSee COG300175 - Undertake Compliance Check and immediate follow up action  
4 Caseworker/Manager Agree Calculation of Liability and Issue for agreement see:COG500200 - Agree Computation   
5 Caseworker Agree Resolution COG600175 - Close COG600200 - Voluntary Closure Procedure COG600225 - Formal Procedure  
6 Caseworker/manager Case ClosedSee COG800200 - Conclusion