CISR65000 - Late Return Automatic Penalties: contents

CISR65600 Action guide contents
CISR65010 Introduction
CISR65020 Failure to submit a monthly return (CIS300)
CISR65030 Soft Landing Period
CISR65040 Penalties chargeable (up to and including 28th October 2011)
CISR65050 Penalties chargeable (from 29th October 2011)
CISR65060 Issue of Penalty Notices
CISR65070 Scheme changes and the issue of penalties
CISR65080 Definition of a new contractor, and the capping of CIS penalties issued under FA09/SCH55
CISR65090 Penalty Inhibitions
CISR65100 Right of Appeal
CISR65110 Logging an Appeal
CISR65120 Determining an Appeal
CISR65130 Appeal status options
CISR65140 Re-opening an Appeal
CISR65150 Vacating a Penalty
CISR65160 Re-issuing a Penalty
CISR65170 Mitigation under TMA70/S102
CISR65180 Contractor appeals and claims that the CIS monthly return was received late because of postal delay.
CISR65190 Contractor appeals and there is a long period where no payments have been made to subcontractors.
CISR65200 Contractor has ceased to trade or permanently ceased to engage subcontractors and has outstanding monthly returns
CISR65210 Contractor has filed the CIS monthly return but this is not shown on the CIS record