CG60210 - Order of reliefs

Where reliefs are available in respect of discrete types of asset no confusion can arise about their interaction. But, particularly in relation to business assets, a number of different reliefs may be available. The order in which such reliefs should be allowed depends on the way in which they work.

ROLL-OVER RELIEF (TCGA92/S152 - TCGA92/S158) reduces the consideration to be taken into account in computing the gain on disposal. It comes first, see CG61560+.

RELIEF ON THE TRANSFER OF A BUSINESS TO A COMPANY (TCGA92/S162) works by reducing the net chargeable gains.

RELIEF FOR GIFTS OF BUSINESS ASSETS (TCGA92/S165) also works by reducing the chargeable gains. Instructions on the interaction of this relief with the relief on transfer of a business to a company are at CG66973.