How to complain

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PDF HTML Description
C/FS Complaints (PDF 45K)   Complaints
This factsheet explains our complaints procedure and how we set about putting things right when we have made a mistake.
July 2014
C/FS Complaints (large print) (PDF 48K)   Complaints
Large print version of the complaints factsheet
July 2014
AO1 (Opens new window)   The Adjudicator's Office for complaints about HM Revenue & Customs and Valuation Office Agency.
This leaflet explains how you can complain to the Adjudicator if you are unhappy about the way we have dealt with your tax affairs. The Adjudicator, whose services are free, acts as an impartial referee and hears both sides of a complaint.
April 2011

Visit the Adjudicator's Office website (Opens new window)