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Tax if you live or work outside the UK

Tax on UK income or capital gains for non-UK residents What tax you'll pay on different types of UK income or gains if you live or work abroad, double taxation agreements, more

National Insurance contributions when you work outside the UK National Insurance obligations if working in European Economic Area, where there is a social security agreement, other countries

Voluntary National Insurance contributions if you live abroad Keeping UK National Insurance up to date - who can make voluntary contributions, benefits, which class to pay how to pay

UK employees working overseas in specialist sectors Tax rules for crown servants, soldiers, seafarers, gas and oil rig workers, volunteer development workers, more

Inheritance Tax if you live or work outside the UK How 'deemed domicile' affects Inheritance Tax - find out about this and more in HM Revenue & Custom's Inheritance Tax guide

Non-resident trusts UK trusts may be set up or managed by people living abroad - find out about non-resident issues and how they affect tax

The Non-resident Landlord Scheme Who the Non-resident Landlord Scheme applies to and how it works, completing a tax return, where to get more help

Filing a tax return if you live or work outside the UK When and how to file your Self Assessment tax return if you live overseas, supplementary pages SA109, more