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Giving to charity: individuals

Tax efficient giving to charity: the basics Guidance for individuals - claiming Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax relief, exemption from Inheritance Tax, how Gift Aid works

Giving to charity through Gift Aid How Gift Aid works, is it relevant for you, find out how to give money to charity in a tax-efficient way

Giving to charity through your payslip or pension How to make tax-efficient donations to charity from your wages or pension

Gifts to charity of land, buildings or shares by individuals How to claim Capital Gains Tax relief, and Income Tax relief if you personally give land, property or shares to charity

Leaving gifts to charity in your will How you can be exempt from Inheritance Tax on lifetime gifts made to charity or gifts left to charity in your will

Keeping records of your gifts to charity Guidance for individuals - what records you should keep when giving to charity, why you need to keep them, and for how long