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Tax refunds and reclaiming overpaid tax

Reclaiming tax if you've overpaid through your job How to claim a refund if you think you've paid too much tax on your employment or self-employment income

Claim back tax if you've had too much deducted from your pension How to claim a refund if you think you've paid too much tax on your pension, retirement annuity income, or your pension lump sum

Correcting your tax return and claiming any refundHow to correct mistakes or make changes to your tax return, get a refund or pay any extra tax due

Claiming a tax refund when you stop work Check if you're entitled to a refund if you stop working, retire or return to studying - how to claim if a refund is due

Claiming back overpaid National Insurance contributions How to make a claim if you think you've overpaid or wrongly paid National Insurance contributions, time limits for claiming

Claiming back Income Tax on behalf of someone who has died When a tax refund may be due following the death of a spouse, partner or person you represent, including how to claim

Getting tax-free interest on savings or claiming tax back If you don't pay tax because your income is low, you can get your savings interest tax-free, read more and link to the right forms

Reclaiming tax on purchased life annuity income Purchased life annuity income has tax deducted before it is paid - if you're on a low income you may be due a refund

Understanding your tax refund Why you've received your tax refund, what to do if it's wrong, links to guidance on tax codes and/or Self Assessment calculations