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  • No Corporation Tax payment due

No Corporation Tax payment due

You should let HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) know if you have no Corporation Tax payment to make for an accounting period.

Unless you tell HMRC that there is nothing due they will issue payment reminders. You must still file a company tax return, even if it shows nothing due.

Before you file the company tax return you can let HMRC know there is no payment due by:

  • completing the form below
  • returning a signed payslip for the correct accounting period marked 'NIL due'

Online notification of no payment due

If you use this tool to report nil payments for more than one Corporation Tax reference number you should refresh your browser between submissions. This will make sure the correct reference number is used.

Enter your Corporation Tax payment reference in the box below. Your reference is shown on the bottom line of your payslip on the left hand side.

The reference is made up of 17 characters, for example, 1234005678A00101A and is accounting period specific so please quote it exactly.