Online Services feedback form

Please do not include any personal data eg your National Insurance number, tax reference number, date of birth etc on this form.

Service list
1. How satisfied were you with the availability of the online service?

2. How easy did you find the registration and login process?
Using the HMRC website

Using the Government Gateway

3. How easy was it to find your way around the online service?

4. How satisfied were you with the layout and design of the pages?

5. If you have special needs how accessible did you find the online service?

6. Overall, how easy was it to use the online service?

7. Did you use the 'Help' facility?
If Yes, how helpful did you find it?

8. Did you phone or email the Online Services Helpdesk?
If Yes, how satisfied were you with the service you received?

9. If you filed a return online, how did you find the speed of submission?

10. Overall, how satisfied were you with the online service you used?

11. Please select which user group you fall into:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. All your responses and comments will be taken into account and considered when developing HMRC's Online Services.