HMRC Enquiry Centres

HMRC are currently running a pilot in the North East of England to introduce a new service for customers who need extra help. Enquiry Centres included in the pilot will close from 3 June 2013. Follow the link below for more information before planning your visit to an Enquiry Centre in this region.

Our Enquiry Centres have a variety of opening hours. see Opening hours (XLS 52K).

If your enquiry can't be dealt with quickly we may offer you an appointment with an adviser at a future time to suit you.

If you would like an appointment call one of our helplines listed in Contacts A - Z. An Adviser can arrange to set up an appointment. You will normally get a call back from our appointments service and offered an appointment within five working days.

A new way to support people who need extra help to get their taxes, tax credits and child benefit entitlements right will be rolled out across the UK by HMRC at the end of May and will see Enquiry Centres close by 30 June 2014.

Extra help for HMRC customers

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Most of our Enquiry Centres can offer:

  • Induction Loops.
  • Lighted Magnifiers - to help you read our forms.
  • Crystal Listening Devices - to help you if you are hard of hearing.
  • Sign Language Interpreters - we can arrange a British Sign Language Interpreter for you if you let us know in advance.
  • Written material in Braille, audio and large print.
  • Help for people for whom English is not their first language - we can arrange interpretation for you. Please ask at your nearest Enquiry Centre.
  • Help for people who need assistance in completing forms or returns - We can help you. Please ask at your nearest Enquiry Centre.
  • Home Visits - if you have limited mobility or have caring responsibilities we may be able to offer you a home visit. Please ring the helpline.

The following Enquiry Centres have public internet access where you can file online (PDF 8K)