Employer PAYE News

16 April 2014

Pay As You Earn: pilot employers who operated PAYE in real time in 2012-13
Some employers in the Real Time Information pilot have been sent letters in error.

14 April 2014

PAYE for employers: Employer Bulletin Issue 47
Issue 47 of the Employer Bulletin is now available. Aimed at employers and agents, it contains important information and news about topics wich may affect payroll obligations to HMRC.

PAYE for employers: correcting a 2013-14 real time PAYE submission
A new flowchart is now available for employers who need to correct a 2013-14 submission made in real time.

Overnight subsistence allowances paid to lorry drivers
Following discussions with the Road Haulage Association, the lorry driversí overnight subsistence allowance rate remains unchanged - £26.20 for drivers with sleeper cabs and £34.90 for drivers with non-sleeper cabs. The Employment Income Manual will be updated accordingly.

8 April 2014

PAYE for employers - Electronic message updates: keeping employers up-to-date
HM Revenue & Customs is updating the Generic Notification Service messages for 2014-15.

7 April 2014

PAYE for employers: List 3 updated
HMRC has updated the list professional bodies and learned societies, approved by HMRC for the purposes of Section 344 ITEPA 2003.

4 April 2014

PAYE for employers - reminder for employers operating Appendix 6 arrangements
From 6 April 2014, Appendix 6 employers should enter A - Notional payment: Payment to Expat by third party or overseas employer in the Late Reporting Reason field on full payment submissions to avoid warning letters.

3 April 2014

Basic PAYE Tools for 2014-15
HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools product for the 2014-15 tax year is now available.

2 April 2014

PAYE: What to do if your employee asks why they don't have a new tax code
HMRC hasn't issued some notices of coding to your employees for 2014-15 - find out why and what to do if you get queries.

1 April 2014

Avoid an estimated charge if you've sent the final 2013-14 PAYE submission early
A reminder for employers who made their final Full Payment Submission (FPS) and/or Employer Payment Summary (EPS) early.

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