Charities Online - software from commercial suppliers

A range of internet filing enabled software and forms are available from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and commercial software suppliers. These can be used to file charities repayment claims online.

HMRC do not carry out any form of security testing of developer products or services and customers are encouraged to ask their suppliers for information about the security aspects of the products and services they provide. Information about the security of the HMRC services that these products and services interface with is detailed at Registration and Enrolment frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Registration and enrolment FAQs

The tables below give details of commercial software and service suppliers that have tested with HMRC and provided evidence that they have developed software that can interact with the HMRC Charities Online service.

It's possible, that in addition to enabling users to make repayment claims online, some products or services may provide a wider range of functionality to help charities manage their donor information; however this will not have been tested with HMRC. Other features that will not have been tested with us include usability and security so you must ensure that the software you choose fully meets your filing and other requirements.

A number of software suppliers are still testing their products/services with HMRC. When they have tested successfully and provided the required evidence, they will be listed below. Please note, there are no strict requirements for Software Developers to apply for HMRC 'Recognition', so other products or services may be available that are not listed below.

HMRC provides a free online form that lets you make claims with up to 1,000 donors. You'll do this by completing and attaching a spreadsheet to the online claim form. This form will have fields you must fill in, and will automatically check that the information has been entered in the correct format. HMRC have tested all the features of this service, and will provide support to users through the Charities Helpline. This will be one of the available filing options once you have logged on to our Online Services.

Contact the Charities Helpline

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Commercial software supplier products and online forms

  • HMRC is not able to recommend or endorse any one product or service over another.
  • HMRC cannot provide support for these commercial software products. Any queries or difficulties experienced by users should be taken up directly with the software supplier.
  • The commercial software suppliers have provided the contact shown here and HMRC cannot guarantee that they are correct or help if you are unable to contact them.
  • HMRC is not responsible for the contents or reliability of these commercial software supplier websites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them. HMRC cannot guarantee that these links will work all of the time and has no control over the availability of the linked pages.
  • HMRC will not be responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense arising out of the use of this software.
Supplier's name Product name Telephone Number

Access UK Ltd (Opens new window)


01509 235544

Advanced NFP (Opens new window)

Donor Strategy
Member Strategy

08448 155 640

AdvantageNFP (Opens new window)

Advantage NFP Fundraiser

01582 794229

Blackbaud Europe Ltd (Opens new window)

The Raiser's Edge Blackbaud CRM

0845 658 8500
0845 658 8590

By The People Ltd (Opens new window)

ChurchWorks - church admin and management

0207 100 6821

Care Data Systems (Opens new window)


0845 345 7887

Crs Business Systems (Opens new window)

Crs Gift Aid

01522 824555

Cybertill Ltd (Opens new window)

Cybertill Charity Retail System

0800 030 4432

Data Developments (Opens new window)

Donations Co-ordinator

01902 824044

Elegate Solutions (Opens new window)

Max My Gift

07760 351 835

Eproductive Ltd (Opens new window)

EPR Gift Aid

020 7485 2500

Fund Filer Ltd (Opens new window)

Fund Filer

01767 681717

GCD Technologies Ltd (Opens new window)

Omega Church and Charity Database

028 9264 1144

Kudos Software Ltd (Opens new window)

Kudos Charity Retail

01548 843586

KVISIO Ltd (Opens new window)


0844 098 193

Lifetime Data Solutions (E McMullan Ltd) (Opens new window)

Lifetime Gift Aid

02825 820806

Merac Ltd (Opens new window)

Leading Edge EPOS Software for Visitor Attractions

01392 829761

Nirvana Retail Solutions Group - NISYST (Opens new window)


01204 706000

Orchard Software (Opens new window)

Gift Aid Manager

01543 305500

Raise Your Profile (Opens new window)

Donation Manager

0800 634 7434

Saturn Corporation (UK) Ltd (Opens new window)


01293 528253

SofterWare, Inc. (Opens new window)

DonorPerfect Online

0800 088 7378

Systematic Marketing Limited (Opens new window)

SMX Patron

0207 100 6010

Systematic Marketing Ltd (Opens new window)

Gift Aider - submit online even if your system doesn't support it!

0207 100 6010

Tengo Media (Opens new window)


0845 8622 992

Westwood Forster (Opens new window)

Streetwise Giftaid Gateway

02031 894100