Submit VAT Return – acknowledgement

You'll be asked to re-enter your User ID and password on the 'Security check' page for security purposes. When you've done this you will need to select 'Submit' to send HMRC your return online.

As soon as your return reaches HMRC's systems you'll see an 'Acknowledgement' page. This means your VAT Return has been successfully submitted.

Note: if you submit online, then you must make any payment of VAT due using an approved electronic method (for example, by Direct Debit or internet banking).

Submit VAT Return - acknowledgement page

It's important you keep a copy of the submission receipt reference number.

  1. By following the on-screen instructions and the 'Download VAT return' link, you can print a copy of your VAT Return showing confirmation of the receipt of the return by HMRC. This shows the date and time of submission and a unique reference number. (You don't have to keep a copy – there's an automatic one kept for you on your VAT Online services account).
  2. You can also print a receipt by following the 'Submission receipt' link. This will include your submission receipt reference number.

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