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Email Online Services Helpdesk for technical help

You can contact the Online Services Helpdesk by email for technical help but they cannot reply to questions about taxes or tax returns. If your query is not related to online technical issues, please contact the relevant business area.

Lost User ID and password - Self Assessment customers

If you have activated your online account before, but have now lost both your User ID and password, you may be able to use the secure online 'Request a duplicate Self Assessment Online User ID' form.

You can only use this form if:

  • you already have an active Self Assessment online account
  • you're sure you can answer all the questions on the form - your answers must agree exactly with the information HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) already holds for you
  • you've lost both your User ID and password - if your User ID was given to you before October 2008, HMRC will give you a new User ID

Do not use this form if:

  • you are not already signed up to use Self Assessment online service - register as a new user
  • you can't find the information you need to complete the form
  • you've changed any of your details but not told HMRC - you need to tell your tax office about any changes and wait 72 hours before sending in the form
  • you've already got the correct password - login to get your User ID
  • you have a Partnership account
  • you're an agent

Request a duplicate Self Assessment Online User ID

Other technical help

If you log into Self Assessment Online Services, you can use 'Ask a question'. This lets you send personal or confidential information securely regarding your Self Assessment Online Services.

If you need general technical help about using online services, and it doesn't involve sending personal data, you can email HMRC using the links below. These emails are sent at your own risk. The information isn't secure as emails can be intercepted. HMRC will only reply to your enquiry by email if the reply doesn't include personal or confidential information, otherwise HMRC will ask you to telephone the Online Services Helpdesk.

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of an email that claims to be from HMRC, follow the link below

HMRC Security Advice