Finding your Child Benefit number or proving you qualify

From time to time someone might ask you for your Child Benefit number, or proof that you're getting Child Benefit. So it's a good idea to keep all your paperwork about Child Benefit together in a safe place, in case you need it later on.

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Where to find your Child Benefit number

Your Child Benefit number is made up of eight numbers and two letters, for example CHB12345678 AB. You'll be able to get your number from your Child Benefit paperwork. For example:

  • any letter from the Child Benefit Office
  • your most recent Child Benefit award notice

If you can't find your paperwork and you still need your Child Benefit number, you can send the Child Benefit Office a query online. Please remember to state clearly on the form that you are looking for your Child Benefit number. It may also help if you tell the Child Benefit Office who has requested it.

Send in your Child Benefit query online

Contact details for the Child Benefit Helpline


If you're asked for proof you qualify for Child Benefit

You might be asked to prove that you're getting Child Benefit.

To help you find out what paperwork you need to provide, check with whoever's asked you:

  • what proof they need
  • how up to date the proof needs to be

You might be asked for your Child Benefit award notice. This gives your Child Benefit number and tells you which children your Child Benefit is for. You’ll need to check if it will be accepted as proof that you still qualify for Child Benefit.

If you haven’t got it you can provide other proof instead, for example:

  • a bank statement showing your Child Benefit going into your account
  • your latest tax credits award notice, if you’re getting tax credits

You won't be able to get written proof from the Child Benefit Office to prove that you're getting Child Benefit. This is because your local authority can accept bank statements or your tax credits award notice.


Why you might need your Child Benefit number

You might need your Child Benefit number in the following situations.

You've had Child Benefit before and are making a new claim

If you've had Child Benefit for your child before and you're making a new claim for them, providing your old Child Benefit number will help. This means you won't have to send your child's birth or adoption certificate again.

Still send in your new Child Benefit claim even if you don’t know your old Child Benefit number.

You're telling the Child Benefit Office about a change

If you're reporting a change that could affect your Child Benefit, it helps if you can provide your Child Benefit number. But if you don’t know it, you can give your National Insurance number instead.

You're making a claim for tax credits

If you provide your Child Benefit number on your tax credits claim form, it will help the Tax Credit Office deal with it more quickly. It also means that you shouldn't have to send in your child's birth or adoption certificate.


How long should you keep the paperwork for?

It's up to you how long you keep the paperwork. But it's useful to keep your award notice, and any other important letters, until you stop getting Child Benefit.


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