Child Benefit rates

You get a higher rate of Child Benefit for your eldest or only child, and then a lower rate for any additional children. Guardian's Allowance is an extra amount that some people get on top of Child Benefit.

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How much do you get?

The amount of Child Benefit you'll get depends on:

  • how many children you're entitled to get Child Benefit for
  • the current rates of Child Benefit

When you start getting Child Benefit you'll get paid at the rates for the current year.

The current rates are as follows:

Who the allowance is for

Current weekly amount

Eldest or only child


Additional children - per child


Guardian's Allowance - per child



What happens if two families join together?

Only one child in your family qualifies for the higher rate of Child Benefit. If two families join together, the eldest child in the new family is the one who qualifies for the higher rate. If you are entitled to Child Benefit for any other children in the new family, you will get the lower rate for each of them.


What happens if a family splits?

If a family splits up you can get the higher rate for the eldest child you qualify for Child Benefit for.

For example, you have two children and one stays with you, and the other goes to live with your ex-partner. You'll get the higher rate for the child living with you. Then if your ex-partner claims for the other child, they'll get the higher rate for that child. But if both of you decide to claim for the same child, only one of you will be able to get Child Benefit for them.

Check if you qualify for Child Benefit

How to claim Child Benefit

More than one claim for Child Benefit for the same child


What happens if you think you've been paid the wrong amount?

If you think the amount of Child Benefit you've received is wrong, either too much or too little, tell the Child Benefit Office straight away. You can do this online by following the link below.

Alternatively, you can contact the Child Benefit Helpline.

The Child Benefit Office can reply in a special format if you ask them to, such as Braille, audio cassette or large print.

Send in your Child Benefit query online

Contact details for the Child Benefit Helpline


If you've received too little

If the Child Benefit Office has paid too little money into your account, they'll make another payment to you or add the money they owe you to your next payment. Either way, they'll contact you to let you know what they're going to do.


If you've received too much

If you don't tell the Child Benefit Office about a change in your circumstances, they may pay you too much money. If this happens, you may have to pay back the extra.

Find out about Child Benefit overpayments


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