How to change your bank account details for Child Benefit payments

The Child Benefit Office usually pays Child Benefit into your bank or building society account. Tell them as soon as possible if you want to change the account your Child Benefit goes into, otherwise your payments may be delayed.

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What you need to check before you change your account details

Before you tell the Child Benefit Office about the change, make sure that the account is in any one of the following names:

  • your own name
  • your partner's name
  • you and your partner's names
  • the name of a person acting on your behalf
  • both your own name and the name of a person acting on your behalf

There are some accounts that may not be suitable for your Child Benefit to be paid into, for example a Child Trust Fund Account or an ISA (Individual Savings Account).

How Child Benefit, tax credits and Guardian's Allowance are paid


Changing your account details online

One of the quickest and safest ways to tell the Child Benefit Office about account changes is to fill in an online form - do this by following the link below. Before filling in the form you will need your new account details and National Insurance number. It also helps if you have your Child Benefit number. The Child Benefit Office will send an email confirming they've received your online form.

Tell the Child Benefit Office online that you want to change your bank or building society account details


Other ways to change your account details

You can also contact the Child Benefit Office to let them know about a change to your account details by:

  • calling the Child Benefit Helpline
  • writing to the Child Benefit Office

Contact details for Child Benefit

When you contact the Child Benefit Office, you'll need to tell them your Child Benefit number.

They can reply in a special format if you ask them to, such as Braille, audio cassette or large print.


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