Child Benefit Forms

Child Benefit forms and information leaflets

The forms and information leaflets listed below are available for downloading. Some of these documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF), if you wish to view or print out the PDF forms you will need to install Adobe Reader to your computer. To save a file to your computer's hard drive, right click on the link and chose the save option.

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Portable Document Format (PDF) - further information


Reference number

Child Benefit Claim Form (PDF 73K)


Child Benefit Claim Form Notes (PDF 268K)

CH2 Notes

Child Benefit Claim Form (PDF 68K)

CH2 (Welsh)

Child Benefit Claim Form Notes (PDF 96K)

CH2 Notes (Welsh)

Online Child Benefit claim form (PDF 746K)

CH2 Online

Cais am Fudd-dal Plant (NET) (PDF 690K)

CH2 Online (Welsh)

Withdraw or continue with an appeal form


Application for an extension of Child Benefit (PDF 52K)


Child Benefit information about young people aged 16 or over (PDF 37K)


Child Benefit if you are coming from abroad or going abroad (PDF 131K)

CH5 Notes

Children who are being looked after by a local authority - information for Child Benefit customers (PDF 73K)


Appeal form - to be completed if you think our decision is wrong (PDF 67K)


Putting things right - how to complain (PDF 264k)

C/FS Complaints & putting things right

Authority for an intermediary to act on your behalf (PDF 33k)