Download the Gift Aid schedule spreadsheet for HMRC Charities Online

To make a Gift Aid repayment claim using the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Charities online service, you need to record your donations on a Gift Aid schedule spreadsheet, and attach it to your claim.

Use the Gift Aid schedule to record your individual Gift Aid donations, your aggregated donations and claims for sponsored events.

To view and use the schedule, you need certain software.

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Get the right software

The schedule spreadsheet is written in OpenDocument format (ODF).

OpenDocument is a free format for spreadsheets, which is used world-wide. Using ODF means the schedule spreadsheet can be opened with a variety of software programs.

Before you can open the schedule spreadsheet, HMRC recommends that you should have one of the software programs below installed on your computer:

  • Microsoft Excel - Microsoft Office 2010 for Microsoft Windows
  • LibreOffice 3.5 or later for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux

Downloading LibreOffice is free and only takes a couple of minutes. If you download LibreOffice to your Mac, you may be asked for a donation during the download process. Making a donation to LibreOffice is voluntary - it is possible to complete the download process without making a donation.

Other ODF programs may allow you to open the schedule spreadsheet files, but you may experience problems when trying to attach your spreadsheet to your online claim and view the spreadsheet contents in HMRC Charities Online.

Download the latest version of LibreOffice (Opens new window)


Download the Gift Aid schedule spreadsheet you need

Follow the link below to download the schedule spreadsheet you need.

Download the Gift Aid schedule spreadsheet for Excel users (ODS 46K)

Download the Gift Aid schedule spreadsheet for LibreOffice users (ODS 41K)

Welsh versions

Download the Gift Aid schedule spreadsheet for Excel users in Welsh (ODS 28K)

Download the Gift Aid schedule spreadsheet for LibreOffice users in Welsh (ODS 38K)


Important instructions: saving and using the schedule spreadsheet

Before you download the schedule spreadsheets, it is important that you read the following instructions:

Download and use the appropriate schedule spreadsheet version for your software

If you use, Microsoft Excel you must download the correct schedule spreadsheet for MS Excel.

If you use LibreOffice, you must download the LibreOffice schedule spreadsheet.

Work in the same software you download in

Don't download the LibreOffice version of the spreadsheet schedule and then try to convert it to Microsoft Office or Excel (or vice versa). If you do, you may experience problems.

Don't change the tabs on the schedule spreadsheets

When you open the schedule spreadsheets, you will see that each worksheet has a named tab at the bottom left.

The tab name is: R68GAD_V1_00_0_EN (or CY for the Welsh version) - Gift Aid donation schedule spreadsheet

Please do not change the name tab or you will not be able to attach the schedule spreadsheet to the online form in Charities Online. If you do, you'll get an error messages saying that the schedule spreadsheet you are trying to upload is the incorrect type.

Don't exceed the maximum number of lines on the schedule spreadsheet

The Gift Aid donation schedule spreadsheet has a maximum of 1000 lines, so you can only claim for 1000 donations on one spreadsheet at one time. If you try to enter more than 1000 lines onto the spreadsheet, you'll get an error message. However, you can submit as many online claims as you like, so if you have 1600 Gift Aid donations, you can submit two claims with 800 donations on each claim. You must have completed and submitted one online claim before you start the second one.

Use the correct suffix when saving the schedule spreadsheets

Spreadsheets saved in OpenDocument format have '.ods' after their file name, for example, the file called 'Gift Aid Claim 2013' would be saved as 'Gift Aid Claim 2013.ods'. If you receive a system error message beginning with 'ASM' when attaching your spreadsheet, this is usually because it has been saved in the wrong format.


Get the guidance you need: how to complete the spreadsheet

Read the guidance on how to fill in your schedule to record your Gift Aid donations, and claims for sponsored events.

How to complete the Gift Aid Donations schedule spreadsheet

How to complete the Gift Aid Donations schedule spreadsheet in Welsh


Contacting the HMRC Charities Helpline

For more help you can contact the Charities Helpline.

Contact details for HMRC Charities Helpline